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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Some Antlers and a Big Bus.


Well, a little while ago I decided to try and battle a creative block by introducing 'Creative Thursday' to my week... and what a difference it has made!

The best thing to do when drawing seems hard is to just... draw!

I have been drawing a selection of animals in various styles and very soon they will be put onto my silkscreens so that I can start printing and making them into cushions, tea towels and more! I am aiming to have all the new designs out for Christmas- in fact they will be launched at the Country Living Christmas Fair in London at the end of October. There will also be a few more product lines as well as some new fabrics; so I am very excited about launching the new products. Here's a little snippet of whats coming;

Finally some Antlers!

In other news, I am heading into Shrewsbury this week to join the Start-Up Britain bus as it stops in the Square on Thursday morning. I will be there meeting people with new ideas for businesses, helping to give out advice and encourage people to pursue these ideas. I visited the bus when it stopped in Telford nearly two years ago, with not much more than an idea, some business cards and a small cutting of my first sample of printed fabric (featuring the marching hedgehogs)- I met some really nice, friendly and helpful people and was even awarded a Dell laptop for Best Business Idea that day! It was a pivotal moment for me and really gave me faith to pursue my idea. I am looking forward to encouraging others to do the same! Please have a look at the website and if you are near Shrewsbury (or any of the other stops) and thinking about a new business, no matter how small the idea, be sure to come along!

I shall be off now, before I say too much more about the new products... I don't want to give everything away and ruin the surprise!

Thank you for visiting and reading, hopefully see you again soon.

Jacinta, W&A

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