Set up by British designer Jacinta Walton, Whinberry & Antler design and produce unique fabrics and homewares by hand in rural England. Incorporating a passion for traditional skills by using hand printing methods, and taking inspiration from British wildlife and countryside, Whinberry & Antler hope to bring a beautiful token of the countryside into your home.

Please have a look around the blog and follow us to see how Whinberry & Antler products are made, with step by step photographs demonstrating the traditional skills used on the 'Behind the Scenes' page, as well as other information and updates about the company.

For more information please see the company website www.WhinberryAntler.com or email info@WhinberryAntler.com

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Marketing Time

This is the front and back of the leaflet that Whinberry & Antler will be sending out to retailers this week along with letters and price lists.

New Products and Photos

Everything is coming together now at Whinberry & Antler to culminate in a big push with the marketing (after all, Christmas is already upon the retail world) so we have been taking lots photos as well as making.

The Ecommerce site should also be up and running soon at www.WhinberryAntler.com. We will let you know when it is set up. But for now, any enquiries can be made by contacting info@WhinberryAntler.com. Hope you enjoy the photos.

Tea towel with  the badgers.

Cushion Covers. These come in a range of sizes, some with cotton for both the front and back, others with cotton on the front and a mix of hessian and cotton for the back.

This is the front of one of cushions measuring 46cm x 46cm. The back of it is cotton and hessian and shown on the photo above in the middle.

Each Whinberry & Antler product comes with one these hand embossed and printed labels.

Another Whinberry & Antler product, these are our lavender bags, to make your clothes smell nice.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Letters, Business Cards and Wax Seals...

Amongst all the sewing and printing I am also currently preparing letters and images to send out to retailers.

These are my hand screen printed letters and business cards, as well as labels for products and Whinberry & Antler's very own wax seal (just to make receiving letters from Whinberry & Antler that little bit more interesting!) The business cards are also screen printed onto fabric.

The Whinberry & Antler logo was designed by my brother, Seb Ingham, a young and very talented graphic designer. He also helped a great deal with the visual branding of Whinberry & Antler. To see more of his work please follow the link to his blog - I highly recommend a visit.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Sew, Print, Sew.

Things are very busy here at Whinberry & Antler at the moment. It's all about the screen printing and sewing. I am hoping to have photographs ready by early next week to get a small catalogue out and sent to retailers. Here I am, busy at work in my office (the kitchen table!).

New Photographs of Whinberry & Antler cushions

The new photos of Whinberry & Antler's new cushions are here.

Today was a beautiful Autumn day and so I took the opportunity to photograph the newly completed cushions outside surrounded by all the lovely autumnal colours.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

First Whinberry & Antler cushions complete.

The first Whinberry & Antler cushions are complete, I decided to use both the printed cotton and hessian together to add some extra texture- I think it works well to give a really natural look. 

I am now working on various other designs of cushions so that there will be range of Whinberry & Antler cushions of different designs and prints. Photos of these will be added as soon as they are complete.

I am still waiting for the delivery of the woven Whinberry & Antler labels, but I used the sample one for this cushion and I am really pleased with it.